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One of our mottos is "We have chosen the best for you." And these are not an empty words.

We are thoroughly testing the photo booth that we offer to our customers.In our projects we only use the products of well-known computer and photo equipment manufacturers who have many years of experience and respond to all requirements of world quality standards.

We can offer you the equipment of almost any manufacturer, however we offer you the equipment of exactly the best manufacturers. We value our reputation and constantly work to expand our offers for customers.

We promise you to do everything what we can.

We constantly follow the latest technologies, so we regularly expand the range of products offered, increase the range of our services and introduce new original solutions when designing our cabins. When we begin to work with a client, we are certainly focused on long-term cooperation, that is why we monitor the quality of work at all stages.

Considering that "time is money", and saving time both the customer and ours, we try to do our work in such shortest time as possible.

Cheap Photo Booth
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3 Hours

£ 199

Professional Attendant

Set up of Photo Booth

Unlimited Photos or GIFs

Instant Social Sharing* via Email/Text

Awesome Props

Signature Backdrop Choice

Unlimited Instant Prints

2 strips 2x6" or 1 print 4×6″

Personalized Print Design

Gallery of JPG Photo Strips

Free Delivery*

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4 Hours

£ 265

Professional Attendant

Set up of Photo Booth

Unlimited Photos or GIFs

Instant Social Sharing* via Email/Text

Awesome Props

Signature Backdrop Choice

Unlimited Instant Prints

2 strips 2x6" or 1 print 4×6″

Personalized Print Design

Gallery of JPG Photo Strips

Free Delivery*

Package user icon
5 Hours

£ 331

Professional Attendant

Set up of Photo Booth

Unlimited Photos or GIFs

Instant Social Sharing* via Email/Text

Awesome Props

Signature Backdrop Choice

Unlimited Instant Prints

2 strips 2x6" or 1 print 4×6″

Personalized Print Design

Gallery of JPG Photo Strips

Free Delivery*

Photo booth

What could be cooler than having fun images from your next get-together? How about a GIF photo booth where your images come to life?

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London Photo Booth is Perfect For

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Birthday and Kid`s parties

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Business or promotional events

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Proms, graduation parties

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Holiday parties or other celebrations

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Rent advantages

- The ability for guests to independently make high-quality photos (unlike photos from a smartphone)

Mobile photoboard allows you to create a branded zone for photo sessions where it is not possible in other cases

- The ability to automatically apply the information you need to everything that photos are printed with a photobooth.

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Cheap London Photo Booth was excellent customer service really great to help out. No problems when we first got set up with booth.someone is always there to help you when you have a question or a problem.


Photos and instant print in excellent quality in Cheap London Photo Booth.


If you are need of photobooth I would recommend Cheap London Photo Booth service. It was like the name simple and also skilful. I'm much happy with the customer service


Excellent service and perfect addition to my 20th party. The staff were lovely and Michael was really helpful, both before and during the party. I would highly recommend Cheap London Photo Booth. Thank you!


Look no further when you want to rent a photo booth. The Cheap London Photo Booth experience was simply amazing! I would highly recommend them to anyone!


Cheap London Photo Booth service was like the name simple and also proficient. I’m very happy with both customer service I spoke to and pleased with the offer I received, Great product.


Cheap London Photo Booth is the best! He answers his phone or texts back almost immediately. He is very knowledgeable and can pretty much diagnose almost everything on the fly. I highly recommend Cheap London Photo Booth!


5 Stars..... What a lovely staff, there was an issue with the lighting which took a while to sort out but they stayed on well over an additional hour. Couldn’t fault them. Photos were amazing. Thank you for making my daughters wedding ceremony extra special. Top marks. Highly recommend.


The photo booth party wanted the best photo booth in London definitely recommend anybody to join enjoying them days so good to do the prince trips and all this stuff affordable price you guys came and check it out definitely you are!!!!!


Amazing addition to our function. Friendly staff, very reliable and punctual to timings. We were very happy with the service provided and will be using Cheap London Photo Booth again for further functions! Everyone loved the booth, would certainly recommend!


Great company did amazing event for wedding party. Thanks so much for your 2x6 strip prints


Absolutely wonderful I loved the Cheap London Photo Booth and so did my family & friends. highly recommended


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the photo booth work?

Using a Cheap London Photo Booth is simple, quick, and a blast. Just grab some props, press on the touch screen and the booth will take 3 or 4 photos of you and your friends/family with a countdown between each one. Prints come out in under 10 seconds and all pictures will be uploaded to a gallery for you and your friends to download, share, and view.

How do I go about booking you?

London with us is fast, convenient & easy. Contact us to get immediately respond. We'll work with you to answer all of your questions and create the perfect photo booth experience for your event. When you're ready we'll send over a contract/invoice that can be completed right on your computer to finalize the booking. After that our designer will create your unique design of template.

Can you set up outdoors?

We can definitely set up outdoors, but we require level ground and either a very long extension cord (three-prong), a generator, or simply an outlet within 25 feet. Outdoor events are subject to weather such as rain, wind, snow, etc. It is recommended to have a covered area available in case of bad weather. Photos also come out looking best in a shaded area.

Where do you provide services?

London: We can bring our photo booth anywhere in London and the surrounding areas.

For how much time before my event is better to contact you?

The best solution will be to contact us 2 weeks before the date of your event, but it is flexible and we’ll make all efforts to make everything ready as soon as possible.

Are the photo's high quality? Or are they grainy and dark like traditional photo booths?

Our booth contains a professional-level camera, and the booth is equipped with professional studio lighting. The lighting creates a perfect glow - making EVERYONE look good, while the camera takes sharp & in-focus photos time after time.


The photo booth journey began when a young photographer from Siberia by the name of Anatol Josephowitz followed his long-time dream. Bec...

The photo booth journey began when a young photographer from Siberia by the name of Anatol Josephowitz followed his long-time dream. Because photographs were in high demand and very expensive they were the desired commodity that typically only the wealthy could enjoy. Josephowitz understood the significance of quality photos and truly believed that everyone should have the right to experience them. In hopes of finding an easier way of life Josephowitz ultimately decided to move to the United States. Once he initiated life in the U.S he began sharing his ideas and ambitions with the public. He hoped he’d somehow garner a bit of support in the process. To Josephowitz’s surprise, he received nearly $11,000 purely in donations. This lead to the creation of the first photo booth – The “Photomaton”.
The Photomaton premiered September 25, 1925. At that time patrons received only black and white photo strips and were charged .25 cents. On March 18, 1927, Josephowitz’s “Photomaton” made the front page of the New York Times. After that article, the Photomaton was in high demand. The Photomaton had become a million-dollar success! It was extremely popular in Hollywood, and In 1957 it was featured in the film “Bandwagon” starring Fred Astaire. After the feature, Andy Warhol recognized the artistic abilities that embodied the photo booth. He began including them throughout his work regularly. Eventually, Warhol purchased his own and remanufactured the design which eliminated the need for an actual person to hold the camera. At this time it became evident that the “Photomaton” was no longer, thus the “Photo Booth” was born.
Photo booths were even popular in prisons, being used for mugshots and still are to this day.

In the 1990’s the photo booth was upgraded to include color and printer paper. Although the black and white photo is still the most popular amongst many!

Nowadays, the average photo booth is much more advanced than it was back then. The photo booth is routinely a part of Weddings, Corporate Parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras, Birthday Parties, Fundraisers, and Graduations of all kinds!  Everybody just loves photos!

Over time we’ve noticed a decrease in the number of requested printed photos. Most people opt to receive the photo directly to their phones usually via text or email. This makes it easier to share to their social media pages. Also, because of the advances in technology the art of photography has greatly evolved. Now, photo booths come with way more than the old traditional stage props. You can play around with GIF’s, Boomerang’s (example: Our Social Booth), slow-motion videos, and even regular short videos. It took the old boxed photo booth to a different dimension, creating a unique experience for all guests at every party. 

Today’s photo booth options allow you to play with Digital Props or use Photo Filters (Kardashian, Beautify, others) in order to personalize your experience. They’ve also evolved in terms of shape, size with tons of new backdrop options that you can choose from.
When you consider the potential the photo booth has and the growth it has achieved. The possibilities are endless! We believe that eventually, we will have the ability to take photos to a 360-degree dimension. Picture a photo booth harnessing the same capabilities found in other advanced technologies like today’s Virtual Reality video games (VR). We envision the ability to adjust, rotate and control the movement of the camera giving each user the power to view themselves from many viewpoints. You might be wondering what that means for printed photos altogether. They could either disappear or transform entirely, offering printed photos in 3D!
Now’s the time for us to simply enjoy the ride! With so many changes coming to the photo booth industry it is important to remain open-minded and prepared. Now’s the time for us to simply sit back and enjoy the ride.
Long live the photo booth and all of its glory! Book us for your next event and share memories that will last decades! 

So you’re finally taking the leap. You’re ready to spice up your event with an awesome photo booth! I’m sure you have enjoyed one or two...

So you’re finally taking the leap. You’re ready to spice up your event with an awesome photo booth! I’m sure you have enjoyed one or two at a friend or family, wedding, birthday party, or formal event, and you’re wondering what elements you should pick for the right photo booth. There are so many photo booths in the London area and beyond, and it’s also hard to understand why somebody is charging £300 and somebody is charging £1500, for pretty much the same services. That’s why we came up with some questions that will help you get a better idea of how to differentiate all of them.

Here are some questions to consider:
  1. First and foremost: Is the date available? There is no reason to continue the conversation as long as the company doesn’t have your date available.
  2. What packages do you offer? Different companies in the London area (and not only) offer different photo booth experiences, obviously every company does it it’s own way. Most of them have them posted on their website already, so you might check them out before starting a conversation! We are adepts of upfront pricing, and that’s why we even posted that info on our website – so that you, as a customer, can easily understand which package you like more (and also fits your budget).
  3. How many hours of actual “live” photo booth time is included in the price? You need to know for sure if the set-up is included or not in the price. Most photo booth companies out there include the set-up and tear down in this time… but you definitely need to know all the details before booking a photo booth company. Also, make sure you ask if the Set-up and tear-down are included in the final price. 
  4. Are the booths enclosed or open? Enclosed booths have a camera, props, and backdrop inside a structure. An Open booth does not have a structure for privacy and can be in coordination with the event.  
  5. Will there be an attendant at the booth? Know what to expect at your booth. Some companies send an attendant to manage the photo booth and the props table, in order to offer your guests the best experience possible. There are photo booth experiences – like our Social Booth, that don’t need an attendant… just because it’s so simple to use! Kids, adults, even older people can figure it out on the spot how to do that!
  6. Will the props be included? Some companies include props with the photo booth. Some may even customize the props with the theme.
    You need to be aware that some experiences come without props (especially the digital photo booth).
  7. Is there unlimited printing? You and your guests can enjoy the booth for as long as the event runs. Make sure there is not an extra fee for the number of photos you may want to take.
    Don’t fall in the trap of unlimited photos & unlimited printing, where the company will print just a set of 2 strips for every photo taken. Make sure that everybody that takes a photo will receive a copy. 
  8. How large are the prints? The traditional photo booth print size is the strip (2×6 inches) with either 3 or 4 photos on it or a bigger 4×6 inches print – which is perfect for only 1 photo, 3 photos or 4 photos. Besides that, with the advanced technology, you can either get 5×7 prints, 6×8 prints, or a square print (5×5 or 6×6 inches).
    You also need to be aware that some packages don’t offer any printing at all (for example our Social Booth – that will allow you and your guests to send the photos straight to your phone as a text message or email so that you can post them to social media)
  9. Do I get all the digital photos? There are 2 ways of receiving the photos: either get a link with an online gallery, or some companies might give you a USB stick. We stopped giving USB stick, just because people tend to lose them, and the online galleries are way easier to share with your friends and family. 
  10. Have you been to my venue before? Do you know where to set-up and how much space do you need? We recommend a 10 x10 space for all the photo booth types available (especially for the inflatable/bubble ones). The more space you will dedicate to the photo booth, the more comfortable your crowd would be. We’ve done parties in all types of environments and places, and we remember one party where they had the photo booth in the laundry room. All the guests felt great and had a great time, that’s what matters.
  11. Do you charge for traveling? Most companies (based on where they are located) might charge a fee for the events over a certain amount of mileage (usually over 25 miles). Make sure you ask that before booking!
  12. How far in advance should we book your services? We recommend booking your services as much as possible in advance in order to have the option that you are looking for available. Sometimes, this is not the case, that’s why we started to specialize in last-minute events, in order to offer our guests the best experience possible, with very short notice. 
  13. Do I need to put down a deposit? Every company requires a deposit, or full payment prior to your event in order to book the date for you! We require a £100 retainer – the day we book the date for you, and the rest needs to be paid 2 weeks prior to your event, when we start designing the template, and choose the backdrop that fits your event. Most important is to have an agreement with the photo booth company, so that they are liable. It happened to us before, when companies don’t answer the phone(or even the website is down) after taking people’s money. That’s just not acceptable!
  14. Do you have insurance? It is important to have insurance because you never know what can happen, so it’s better to be prepared. Most venues will require an insurance certificate from all the vendors that show up at your event anyways, so make sure you go with the ones that do photo booth professionally, not just on the side.
  15. What should I provide for the photo booth? Pretty often, everybody requires a power outlet, and sometimes just a table for the props. Some options, like our social booth, can run on their own battery for up to 4 hours if you have an outdoor event, and you don’t have any generators available.
Happy Photo Booth hunting!

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